I’m On A Mission

Today I am more upbeat. I am thinking positively and this is Dangerous. It means I am on a mission to cure all things that are wrong with me, will be firing a million questions at R and expecting quick responses. Now thank you very much.

The first thing I need to do to cure my ills is to Start an anti-inflammatory diet – I have reading a lot about this recently and I want to start it to help me reduce continued inflammation of back muscles and sciatic nerve. In order to complete this mission I must: find out what increases inflammation – cut that out of my diet, find out what reduces inflammation – add this into my diet, find recipes for food I can eat, find recipes for food we can all eat, cut out dairy, cut out wheat, cut out coffee, cut out wine.WHAT? I am realising quickly that my current diet is made up mostly of pasta, bread, coffee, wine. I will starve. Oh, hang on. caffeine and red wine are also anti-oxidants which are anti-inflammatory. So I can add those to my shopping list? Or not? My head is spinning.I am confused.

But at least I am not Grumpy.

One thought on “I’m On A Mission

  1. I have heard that going wheat free can do wonders from an anti-inflammatory point. I’d certainly start there. And maybe just one thing at a time so it’s less of a shock? say a month focusing on cutting wheat and then dairy etc

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