Gone Swimming.

I am going to take the plunge so to speak. I am not going swimming because I fancy a sauna. I am not going with £30 in my pocket to be tempted by an Elemis Facial. Absolutely not. Nor to use the disabled power shower where I can actually sit and shave my legs in comfort. No way. I am going swimming to help my back pain. Yep that is right. To strengthen my core muscles and get me back on the path of physical fitness again, standing straight with no more pain. Without a doubt. And therefore I have absolutely not packed my razor, or foot pumice to groom the areas that are long-overdue some loving.

Ok. I am doing all those things. But I have a good reason. There is absolutely no point going to the gym and getting changed to swim 6 lengths and get changed again just to home. I have to make full use of my membership seeing as I have just re-activated it after they kindly froze it for a few months. Seeing as I am now paying again, it has to be worth the money right?  And getting my foot in the door, that is halfway to getting fit again isn’t it? and sitting in the sauna watching those long distance swimmers keep on going, well that gives me motivation to aim towards my 1 mile swim next year.  And relaxing afterwards, reading the newspaper eating a healthy jacket potato and drinking coffee in their lovely quiet cafe, with no children or housework to think about, that is an important time to reflect on my swimming achievement and first step to recovering from my back problems.

…just going to have a quick coffee first…


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