No Driving!

You know what? I can’t actually write what I think today. Well I can, but it is exceptionally dull. Not witty, or informative. I have tried to write something 3 times. I even posted one of them. Shocking.

There are bigger problems in the world than me not being able to drive the car for a while because of medication side effects. At least I have a car and have a partner who can drive it.

There are bigger problems in the world than numb patches and pins and needles in my leg and being told by my GP that this might now be permanent. And bigger problems as fighting to get my GP to re-refer me to the Spinal Pathway because ‘many people make a decision to accept numb patches, pins and needles over spinal surgey’. At least I am not in horrendous pain any more thanks to being pumped full of drugs. At least I can walk.

There are bigger problems in the world than my boss being a bit shitty with me when I said I was returning on reduced hours, not today, but tomorrow and her making it clear not to expect any Welcome Back banners . At least I have a job. At least I have enough money to pay the bills and take the family on holiday this year.

At least I am alive and relatively well. And my family are well and with me.

Yet somehow, that does not cheer me up.


2 thoughts on “No Driving!

  1. Honestly I think your gp is a total numpty. It’s not for them to decide if spinal surgery is for you it is for the specialist they are blocking you access to. I can’t understand what they are at? Surely you could end up suing them?

    • denialandpanic, yes I agree completely. It has upset me that is seems like I am back where I started. I simply cannot believe, not for the first time, that they are happy to just chuck me on the scrap heap and not help me check out every single option to get me back fully functioning, mobile and off horrendously powerful drugs. I don’t understand why they think it is ok for a 35yr old with children to be this way. I am not ready to be this way. Not when there is an alternative to consider. I am so cross. But look out for a nice post from me for a change 😉

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