Vacuuming Increases Back Pain. Fact.

Yes. Vacuuming your home increases back pain significantly. You would think I knew this by now wouldn’t you, having suffered from chronic lower back pain and leg pain for such a long time. But it appears I didn’t quite grasp the fact as well as I did this afternoon when I used the new Hetty Numatic Vacuum Cleaner for the first time.

I will give this Vacuum Cleaner it’s due, it has a powerful suction. So powerful that I couldn’t actually push and pull it as it seared pain down my leg and caused serious back pain right across my lumbar spine. And so powerful it rucked up the carpet. It did get most of the cat hair up, that our last vacuum cleaner struggled to do, even after vacuuming the same spot for 10 minutes. But, as well as the great suction it is clunky, heavy to move around, and very heavy to empty.

Don’t even ask me why I tried to empty it. Foolishness is the most realistic answer, but let’s pretend I have a brain for a moment and give a different reason – I wanted to see if I could do the whole shebang, you know vacuum, empty, put away…

…the answer is, I don’t have a brain. No, I can’t do the whole shebang. I now have severe acute back pain and leg pain and my whole leg is on fire, my foot is burning and tingling and numb at the same time and my back muscles have started spasming.

I have a feeling Hetty is going back to the shops as being completely crap. Summer Girl is going to be devastated. She chose the colour, which is pink, (because there is no gender stereotyping by the Numatic company is there?) and thinks that R should do the vacuuming so that I don’t make my back pain worse, and so we can keep our Female Pink Hetty Vacuum Cleaner. That’s probably as good a reason to take it back to the shop and buy a more back pain friendly model as the real reason of me having just screwed up my back by trying to do some housework with it.

So now I know. For absolute certainty, that even if I spot crumbs and whatnot on the floor. I cannot vaccum it up. Whether the Hetty Machine stays or goes, I suspect I am going to forever be the Nagging Wife following her husband behind reminding him to use the crevice tool and get the edges not just the middle of the floor. I suspect also that soon enough R is going to prefer me with acute back pain.

One thought on “Vacuuming Increases Back Pain. Fact.

  1. There is a good physical reason for vacuuming making back pain worse….Sarah Key talks about it in her book but I can’t remember the page no!…..currently rereading her books as there are all sorts of hidden treasures in there….

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