Chronic Pain Makes Me Tired: A Weekend in the Countryside.

I could write so much about my weekend, which was spent mostly outdoors. Yesterday on Porthcothan Beach in Cornwall (didn’t even make it to paddle in the sea, it was a loooong way off) and today at a Mary Budding Trust charity country manor walk. But I’m so tired, from the relentless pain that only increases by doing things I love, that I threw up this evening waiting for dinner.

Now I am in bed waaaaay past my bedtime, hurting too much to sleep, and too tired to write; needing more painkillers but with no energy to get back up to fetch them, or to locate my mobile phone – that I had thrown somewhere on the end of the bed some other time when i had no energy to put it on my bedside table – to call R and ask if he can get some for me. It’s is why I have abandoned this blog for so long; I just cannot get as far as opening it let alone posting the million thoughts that race through my brain, waking me at 4am.

That’s what chronic pain does; it wipes my energy levels so that there’s nothing left. Everything I do has to be planned. And everything I do has payback, physically and mentally. As I write this, I’m happy that I have managed to have an active weekend, with the enormous help from close friends and R to enable me to do so, and worried about the consequences of having a life this weekend affecting my week at work.

My eyes are drooping. My head hurts. I am going to make that call to R so that might actually get some sleep…

5 thoughts on “Chronic Pain Makes Me Tired: A Weekend in the Countryside.

  1. I am currently laid up on my sofa resting and recovering after my Third Spinal operation in two years. Searching the Internet for blogs and information about people struggling with pain I came across your blog and loved your article “A Weekend in the Countryside” I can completely sympathise and understand with what you are going through and the devastating affects that back pain has on the enjoyment of daily life! Thank you so much for your well written, humorous and personal blog. I loved it 💕

      • Thank you so much for your message. I am not too bad. Had a bit of a down day today, but I have some great friends who took me out and cheered me up. 🙂 I am having a lot of pain still down my left leg, and terrible pins and needles. Before the operation though I couldn’t feel anything in it, I lost all feeling except for the terrible sciatica so it’s definitely improving. I even managed to ditch the wheelchair today and walk a while! 🙂 it’s hard to keep positive all the time though. So thank you for replying and for your fantastic blog it’s really inspiring so any tips for me would be gratefully received! 😉 xxx thanks again M x

      • It sounds to me like you need to be giving me tips, you have suffered with back problems for much longer than me, and had more surgery! Well done for walking a little, take it really easy though, don’t rush. Pins and needles is better than no feeling, and I guess means some feeling is returning. Hope that eases as it’s horrible isn’t it! Thank goodness for good friends. x

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