Too Much of a Good Thing

Oh dear. The start of my new eating habit has not gone so well. I was possibly a bit over-enthusiastic yesterday.

I returned from the supermarket armed with tasty goodies and the intention of both working towards increasing the ‘anti-inflammatory foods’ I eat and increasing my  shrinking appetite. I bought chocolate soya milk for random drinking, sweetened soya milk for morning porridge and fruit coulis, frozen blueberries, the ‘superfood’, to go with the already bought frozen raspberries. I also bought a ton of sunflower seeds, soya beans, dried cranberries, dried mango, dried something else yummy looking, those dried carrot and beetroot crisps. R bought popcorn, making some lentil weaving comment. Wow I hear you say, Go Girl.

Well, I did go for it. I had a big glass of chocolate soya milk while putting the seeds and dried fruit into pots, and ate several handfuls of them as I went along. Followed by eating beetroot and carrot crisps while nestled on the sofa with the children while waiting for the yummy honey glazed pork, spinach mash and cabbage to be served, which I then ate all of.

2 hours later, as I sat on the loo, doubled over with cramps, with a pale flushed face and unsure if I should be sitting there or kneeling on the floor, I wondered if the pudding of soya milk and fruit smoothie was just a little Too Much of a Good Thing. Or maybe it was the two handfuls of popcorn that followed pudding…

The children will now be having dried fruit/nuts in their lunch boxes for a while.

I’m On A Mission

Today I am more upbeat. I am thinking positively and this is Dangerous. It means I am on a mission to cure all things that are wrong with me, will be firing a million questions at R and expecting quick responses. Now thank you very much.

The first thing I need to do to cure my ills is to Start an anti-inflammatory diet – I have reading a lot about this recently and I want to start it to help me reduce continued inflammation of back muscles and sciatic nerve. In order to complete this mission I must: find out what increases inflammation – cut that out of my diet, find out what reduces inflammation – add this into my diet, find recipes for food I can eat, find recipes for food we can all eat, cut out dairy, cut out wheat, cut out coffee, cut out wine.WHAT? I am realising quickly that my current diet is made up mostly of pasta, bread, coffee, wine. I will starve. Oh, hang on. caffeine and red wine are also anti-oxidants which are anti-inflammatory. So I can add those to my shopping list? Or not? My head is spinning.I am confused.

But at least I am not Grumpy.

I Really Don’t Like Celery

I hate celery

I bought some frozen casserole mix, unaware that it contained, mostly, the most useless and vile tasting vegetable ever. Celery. Which is very unpleasant to eat, but which I could not bear to throw out ‘in case I ever found a use for it. And then, after a particularly cruel flare-up I Found a use. The frozen casserole mix became the perfect treatment for the inevitable ‘flare-up’ after stupidly pushing my daughter downhill on her bike or such foolish antics, the cheap equivalent of an ice pack, the new ‘bag of peas’.

And then disaster struck. After being used so many times and partially defrosting and freezing it again, it turned into one solid lump of mostly celery and is rather uncomfortable to lay on, thus rendering it entirely useless and consigned to the bin. I found this out today, after doing said foolishness, followed by hobbling around a supermarket a 4pm with hungry children and husband, then collapsing onto the sofa with the Mostly Made of Celery Casserole Mix, only to find I was akin to the Princess and the Pea. This Will Not Do. Unfortunately there is no other food in the freezer which we can sacrifice – we are using the baby corn tonight for the kids tea, and I am certain that Quorn sausages won’t be particularly comfortable to lay on either. Now I am laying on the cold space where the casserole mix once was, in pain and watching Abney and Teal thinking how useless celery really is. Contemplating not for the first time this week whether I should self medicate with a glass of Pinot Noir.