Earth Mother

At 3:58pm on 30th September 2013 a beautiful baby girl was born to an amazing woman and her husband. And I was part of the most magical experience I have ever been witness to outside of the birth of my own two children.

My best friend and her husband have tried for a long time to have a child; IVF was not successful, and for a while they thought it would never happen. But, it has! and I am so lucky to have been part of it. I was the hand-holder, the coffee-bringer, the encouragement as it all became so tiring she thought she could not carry on, and finally the additional leg holder as my strong and courageous friend pushed her baby into the hands of the midwife. I saw the baby’s head enter the world with the cord wrapped around her tiny neck three times, and watched with breath held fast as the midwife gently unwrapped it before the final pushes saw baby wriggle and yelp. I saw the absolute joy in the faces of mum and dad as they were told it was a girl, and as the father held his baby for the first time, grinning like his heart would break. As the baby needed some gentle encouragement to breathe, I was once again the hand holder as mum had the final less exciting aspects of birth dealt with. 

Mum to be worked so hard. She didn’t even realise how hard she worked. She thought she couldn’t do it. She didn’t believe that she was creating a miracle with each painful push, even though it felt like nothing was happening. 

Baby is beautiful; smooth skin, beautiful curled fingers, a good head of hair, wide alert eyes and a wonderful cry. Mother is tired, beyond words, and dad is pretty shattered too! I left them to be a family as grandparents arrived, proud to have been part of the circle of life and excited about being such an important part of this baby’s life.