Too Much Information

I was going to write an informative post about what I am learning relating to employment and back problems – being recognised as having a disability at work, employment rights and the Equality Act. Seeing as I am returning to work tomorrow I felt it was an apt topic.

However, this evening, as I rocked out to Ozzfest on Guitar Hero, I felt hot and sweaty and not because I Rock. The indigestion that has plagued me all day finally got the better of me – almost immediately after I chewed two generic brand chalky tablets to alleviate it, I threw up that and the chocolate I ate after our woodland walk.

Yesterday morning I also threw up, after eating two small delicious Rachel’s Organic Yoghurt pots. Again, indigestion, followed quite quickly by me saying hello to God through the great white telephone and that time I had a lot to say to him.

Now the next bit is Too Much Information. On both occasions there were lots and lots of very small dark brown/black spots in my vomit, and I suspect it is blood. It is often described as looking like coffee grounds, but this is not entirely accurate – mine looked rather like toast flakes. And actually I have been sick a few times over the last few weeks and I always have had dark bits of toast in it, which did make me raise my eyes slightly, but as I had actually eaten toast, it seemed logical that if it looked like toast, maybe it was in fact toast. Which would be a great explanation for these flakes, except I have not eaten toast all weekend.

R is not too concerned, took it as an excuse to tell me I am not eating properly, I checked on the NHS direct online and their survey said ‘straight to A&E’. Sod That. They say that to everything. ‘The Witches’ as R refers to them, they said call Out of Hours but they also said it could also be the Omeprazol turning brown in my stomach. So that is what I have decided it is, as I don’t want to go to hospital tonight only to be sent home, nor do I want to call OOH who will tell me to go see them at the hospital, and then send me home. I am seeing me good friend the GP tomorrow anyway and discuss it then.

It is what I have been half expecting having taken the NSAID Diclofenac daily since christmas, and only being put on the acid reducing Omeprazol in the last couple of months. In theory I am aware of the potential risks of taking long-term Diclofenac as it increases the production of acid in the stomach and therefore increases the risk of burning through the stomach lining, causing a stomach bleed or an ulcer. But in practice it slips my mind and I have to be honest and say I sometimes forget to take the Omeprazol. Also, due to my reduced appetite I sometimes skip breakfast which I know is a Bad Habit and makes this entire thing my Own Stupid Fault.

I know I should be more concerned than I appear to be. But, I guess there has been so much going on and so much ignored I am sceptical about putting my health in the hands of the professionals just to be sent packing yet again. And, if this is blood and if it is caused by the Diclofenac, I will probably have to come off all NSAIDS for good. Then I will be Actually Screwed. I threw up all my meds yesterday morning, and by the afternoon I started to get a stiff back and pain in my back and legs. I tried coming of Diclofenac a while ago as I don’t want to take them due to all the long-term risks, and clearly whatever is Going On Inside has not gone away as without them I cannot stand straight due to the inflammation causing back pain and sciatic pain in abundance. I guess my enthusiasm for the anti-inflammatory diet might be re-ignited very soon.

Right now I am in much less pain with my prolapsed and torn lumbar disc than I have been for a long time, yet unfortunately the side affects bring their own issues such as this, me walking into things, constant tiredness, loss of appetite. I would like to just go back to normal now please. No drugs. No pain. Just me. Thanks.