Lazy Days Help Back Pain Recovery.

The HallowEden Little Monster’s Ball was amazing. But my back is stiff and sore today. I have some nerve pain and am slightly stooped. R has been out helping a friend decorate their house and is then off to work. So we have watched many films, ending with the final film now on – the wonderful Arietty – to finish off our Lazy Thursday.

The pain is worth it. I stopped the nerve blocking pain for a couple of days to get rid of the foggy head. Then, yesterday afternoon after finishing work, I picked up my two Witch’s Kittens, and a Witch’s Cat, straightened my Very Own Cat Ears and so began our Halloween Road Trip.

In the howling wind and rain we drove into Deepest Darkest Cornwall eating spooky treats while the wipers swished and swashed the torrential rain away. As we drove slowly into the flooded roads of the Cornish Valley we vaguely considered turning back. But, no, it was meant to be like this surely, on Halloween?

30 minutes away from our final destination and the Biggest Witch’s Kitten started the ‘are we there yet?’ chant. And finally we arrived at The HallowEden Little Monster’s Ball. The Eden Project is an amazing sight from the hill any day of the week and our excitement rose seeing it in front of us as we walked the steep descent in the downpour toward the huge domes, following many other little witches, ghosts, cats and ghouls who had come out to wander the bios and spook people.

The youngest Witch’s Kitten had a catnap in the car and woke up grumpy, refused to walk. I left the stroller at home as it usually means pushing that and chasing the super fast kitkit. But not in the rain. He insisted on being carried for a reasonable amount of our trip, although he certainly had a whole lot of running done too.

The place was fantastic, with hanging lanterns and candles, amazing Steam Punk vampires, wizards and witches walking around, owls to stroke, bats to look at. We took a walk through the spooky pitch black rainforest with wolves howling and stumbled upon an old haunted Malaysian House, we made magic wands with Dragon Snot and Unicorn Snot and Fairy Dust. We ate Eyeball Pizza and Toffee Apples, and drank hot chocolate with marshmallow bobbing on the surface, had our faces painted and finished by listening to The Story Teller in the Wishcraft Tent, spinning amazing ghost stories – an old wizardy man with white hair and a tall wooden staff, sitting by in the most amazing grand wooden carved throne, with a couldron that started to produce white wisps of smoke when the children waved their wands. I watched the grim reaper walking through the crowds, towering, dark scary presence stopping people in their tracks, before making the slow ascent back to the car and driving back through the valley with Kittens whose gentle snores filled the car before we got out of Eden.

But, there is no better way to recover from back pain than double dose painkillers, popcorn, blankets and back to back films with my children before early nights for all.


A Day of Suffering

Now my back is not That Bad this week, not in the grand scheme of things, and I have to remind myself of this when the pain gets to me and I crawl into the dark tunnel of No Hope. Relatively speaking, a Bad Day is when I cannot get up, cannot get to the loo, can’t easily sit up to sip coffee. Today is not one of those days. Today I can move around, I can get myself dressed and make a coffee and even put some washing away. So, if I remind myself that it has been much worse than this, why does it still seem so bad?

My back aches and hurts and my leg and foot throb with pain and numbness (who’d have thought our bodies could feel sensation and absence of sensation at the same time?) when I stand up. So i sit down. My back and leg shoots with pain and my feet fuzz and the pain makes me feel queasy when I sit down. So I lie down and it all eases just a little bit. The kids come home from school so I stand up. Yes I can do the things I need to do, but there is always payback somewhere along the line. I guess it is time to take more tramadol and paracetamol as I have got to cook (beans on toast), entertain the lovely ones (gruffalo on DVD), put them to bed (no bath, just stories). I try not to take additional tramadol on top of the modified release ones but 200mg just does not cut it some days not even with paracetamol and diclofenac. And today is one of those days.