Out of the Mouth of Babes…

‘Please will you sleep with me?’ said my two-almost-three- year old adorable boy, eyes pleading, little plump fingers wandering gently over my face, as I lay down beside him way past his bedtime. How can I resist? ‘just for a little while’. ‘Yey!’ he said sleepily and nuzzled his face into mine. Then, he held my face still with his gentle hands, his face almost touching mine, and whispered ‘mummy, I wish, I wish your back would be better, I wish it not be ouchy any more’. My heart almost broke as I said ‘it is getting better my sweet boy, you make it better by being my wonderful son’ and he sat upright ‘I give your back a kiss now mummy’, leant over, lifted my t-shirt and kissed the small of my back ‘is it better now?’ ‘yes my sweet lovely boy, it is so much better’.

This is the boy whose wish when a friend’s chinese lantern drifted into the night sky was that it would come back. Two hours later a chinese lantern drifted across the same sky in front of his very eyes. So this wish, touched with a magic kiss, must also come true. That innocent belief, and that love heals me more than medicine can. And tonight I go to sleep with very little pain.