Tonight My Husband and I Are Sleeping in Position No.2

There is no noise. It is hushed as my children settle down to sleep. After getting up several times as they often do when their daddy goes out for the evening. Playing Up  – isn’t that how the Behavioural Books scientifically refer to it?

Then I hear the tiny ‘th-th-th’ of gentle creeping footsteps on the deep soft carpet that leads to the loft room which is Mummy and Daddy’s Bedroom. The bright pink door (used to be Summer Girl’s Room) swings open and there in the dark of the doorway, silhouetted by the hallway light stands my two-almost-three-year old Winter Boy, one hand rubbing his eyes. He casually walks over to me at the computer desk and announces ‘I can’t get myself to sleepees, I tried an I jus can’t do it’. ‘do you want me to tuck you back in?’ ‘noo. I really can’t get to sleepees. I wan to sleep witchuw’ he says in his sing-song, Cant-Be-Resisted voice. I never let him sleep in my bed first thing at night. Not unless he is ill or R is away, then sometimes I do and then he stays there all night. Usually though I tuck him back in to his own bed and stroke his hair. And Repeat.

This evening, I look at him and my heart melts. How can I resist that little coy smile and angelic voice?  I say ‘quickly, get into bed and go straight to sleep, I don’t want to hear a peep ok?’. Before I even finish my sentence he has scampered across the bedroom, onto MY side of the bed I note, jumps into bed, tucks himself up neatly in the duvet and smiles sweetly at me. I walk over to kiss him goodnight. He does not fuss or fidget, but unusually lies completely still. By the time I return from popping down to turn Winter Girl’s light off, he has both arms spread eagle, one hanging over the side of the bed and is gently snoring, in a deep, happy sleep. It has taken him less than 2 minutes to go from standing by me to fast asleep in exactly the same position as when he climbed in. Why does he look far more content there than he ever looks in his own bed? And did I say it was My Side?

R is going to be less impressed than I was, when he returns home later. He will need to make a decision whether to wake a sleeping boy and somehow get him into bed without him waking and realising what crime is being committed against him, adopt The Position Number Two, or accept that through the course of the night Winter Boy will likely assume most of The Positions. Unless he finds himself in Position Number Two that is.

Maybe I should make up the spare bed now…


Out of the Mouth of Babes…

‘Please will you sleep with me?’ said my two-almost-three- year old adorable boy, eyes pleading, little plump fingers wandering gently over my face, as I lay down beside him way past his bedtime. How can I resist? ‘just for a little while’. ‘Yey!’ he said sleepily and nuzzled his face into mine. Then, he held my face still with his gentle hands, his face almost touching mine, and whispered ‘mummy, I wish, I wish your back would be better, I wish it not be ouchy any more’. My heart almost broke as I said ‘it is getting better my sweet boy, you make it better by being my wonderful son’ and he sat upright ‘I give your back a kiss now mummy’, leant over, lifted my t-shirt and kissed the small of my back ‘is it better now?’ ‘yes my sweet lovely boy, it is so much better’.

This is the boy whose wish when a friend’s chinese lantern drifted into the night sky was that it would come back. Two hours later a chinese lantern drifted across the same sky in front of his very eyes. So this wish, touched with a magic kiss, must also come true. That innocent belief, and that love heals me more than medicine can. And tonight I go to sleep with very little pain.